It's About "Time"

What is a 10-Minute Chase?

Pre-constructed Fireplace Enclosure

The 10-Minute Chase, LLC  was born from the need for a hearth retailer to provide a faster, more economical and better constructed fireplace enclosure.  With rising labor costs, building materials and a shortage of installers, the 10-Minute Chase is the perfect solution for the specialty hearth retailer.


This is the hearth industry's first and only pre-constructed fireplace housing system. This product will eliminate hours spent on estimating the cost of building a stick built chase and days of actual construction time.  It's patented design and support system provides all the strength needed to house a direct vent fireplace.   The system has been engineered so assembly time is drastically reduced and no special carpentry skills are needed.


SIP Panels

  • Dramatically reduces installation time
  • No special carpentry skills necessary
  • Constructed of SIP Panels  (Structured Insulated Panels)
  • Support system eliminates the need to penetrate the collar of the house, eliminating the relocation of pre-existing wiring and plumbing
  • Stronger than stick built chase
  • Complete installation may be done in-house

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Patent No. US6,988,336 B2   |   Note: Actual assembly time will exceed 10 minutes

The 10-Minute Chase is a patented product with proven advantages.  Successful use of the product assumes the prior completion of all indicated preparatory work, procurement of all required materials and proper performance of installation procedures.

There is no specific warranty expressed or implied concerning the timely installation and use of the product as a result of the varying circumstances inherent in any construction project.